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We are a dedicated importer of Indian wines in the heart of Denmark, with a passion for bringing the best from India's vineyards to Danish wine enthusiasts. Our journey began with a vision to introduce the diversity and quality of Indian wines to the Danish market.

We travel through India's picturesque wine regions, carefully selecting each bottle to ensure it represents the unique character and expertise of our Indian wine producers. Our range includes a wide selection of reds, whites, and sparkling wines that reflect the country's varied climate and terroir.

By sharing our passion and knowledge of Indian wine with our customers, we strive to create a unique and enriching wine experience. We believe in building strong relationships with both our customers and our Indian wine partners, allowing us to deliver wines of high quality and value.

Welcome to our world of Indian wines. Let us explore and enjoy the best from India's vineyards together as we invite you to discover and savor every drop of our selection.

Maria Bakraie

Meet Maria, the co-founder of our wine import company, Vindien. A professional with a diverse background and a passion for exploration. With degrees in linguistics, intercultural communication, psychology, and photography, Maria brings a unique blend of skills to the table. 

For over 18 years, she has honed her expertise in the operations sector, demonstrating an ability for organization and a thirst for knowledge. Maria's journey has been shaped by her love of travel, fascination with different cultures, and ability to forge meaningful connections. 

Her passion for photography, aesthetics, and food, especially Indian cuisine, has imbued her with a deep appreciation for life's finer things. However, it was her enthusiasm for wine that sparked the inception of our adventure. Driven by her love for wine and her desire to share its beauty with others, Maria embarked on the entrepreneurial journey. 

Maria's vision is not only to showcase the exclusive taste experiences of Indian wines but also to celebrate the rich cultural heritage that surrounds them.